Digital Health & Care - meet Health Care cluster in Hannover

Time: 8:00-16:00
Organiser: Nordic – German cooperation
Address: Hannover, Germany

Get market insight, network and feed-back on your product in Germany within the field of Digital Health & Care.

Clusters from the 5 Nordic countries and the German cluster, Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover (GWH), are organizing a fact-finding trip to Germany. The trip will take place September 10th-12th, 2019. 

Due to the close cooperation between Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover and the 5 Nordic clusters, the travelling participants will gain valuable insight into the needs and challenges of the German market for Digital Health & Care, as well as getting the opportunity to receive feed-back on how products meet potential partners.

Prepare for the Deep Dive

The Deep Dive in Hannover is a part of a larger Nordic – German cooperation. During pre-seminars and Digital Health & Care 4.0  has provided important insights that are useful when you prepare for the Deep Dive – should you have missed out, you can still get access to the videos by contacting Michelle Møller Esbensen, Welfare Tech:

Your output

The Deep Dive offers you:

  • 3 day programme 
  • Visits to German Nursinhomes, homecare providers and hospitals
  • Insights to challenges and demands in the healthcare institutions 
  • Opportunity to pitch
  • Match to German companies
  • Access to relevant German – and Nordic network

It is free to participate but you are expected to cover your own costs for transport, hotel and consumption. There is a cancellation fee of 150 Euros.

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